The End of the Matter "The Quest" Part 6

May 23, 2021

The reason this has been such a popular book, such a favorite of especially young people is because for 11 chapters Solomon has been asking the right questions. The Solomon-under-the-sun questions are the questions we all ask. Why? Because God has set eternity in the hearts of men! So we have this aching, this longing, and nothing under the sun seems to fill it.

What Solomon mainly wants us to see is how meaningless life is without God, how little joy there is under the sun if we try to leave our Creator out of His universe. By the time we get to the end of Ecclesiastes, we have to admit that he has proved his case. “Nothing in our search has led us home,” says Derek Kidner, “nothing that we are offered under the sun is ours to keep.” That is BY DESIGN. the point, then, is to look beyond the sun. Look to the one who made the sun.

So here it comes. What do you do with all this? Vanity does not get the last word! SO what does??

He gets us to the GRAND CONCLUSION. Think back for those of you who have been with this series since the beginning...
-He has raised the ultimate existential questions of the meaning of life.
-He has pursued pleasure, feasting, he has gone on a quest to look for meaning in live laugh love
-He has looked for meaning in his career, accomplishments, in building a national forest, a palace, in building a legacy.
-He has looked for it in wisdom, sought answers to questions of meaning and suffering, the problem of evil, and wrestled through the hard questions! And here it is. Here is the conclusion he comes to:

Drum roll...Turn to the final 2 verses of Ecclesiastes chapter 12, verses 13 and 14