What's The Point? "The Quest" Part 1

Apr 18, 2021

God allows Satan to cause suffering in Job’s life, and when all is taken away, he refuses to curse God. So it is about suffering? And most people I know have not suffered as Job has. Still, people go thru suffering, they go thru hard times. And when people suffer, they go…oh man, IF I JUST HAD _________ I’d be good. They get the "If Only’s"
if life wasn’t like this
if I had more money
if I had more power
if I had more friends
if I had a better religion
if my parents weren’t so mean
if I would have grown up in a better place
if I could just get _____
and they create this world, where if everything in their circumstances were perfect, THEN THEN THEN they’d be good, they’d have meaning. The problem with that…
…is Ecclesiastes.
Ecclesiastes makes the same point as Job.
Job and Ecclesiastes make the same point from opposite ends of the spectrum.
Job is a guy who has nothing, and says, it’s all meaningless apart from God. Ecclesiastes is the guy who says I have EVERYTHING, and it’s all meaningless.

Come with me to Ecclesiastes 1