The Law of the Harvest "The Quest" Part 5

May 16, 2021

Very often in the church we think that the wicked get what is coming to them, and the righteous get good things, because isn’t that how all this works? Sorta, a Christian version of karma? We do good, we slave away for God, and this way he owes us. SO, God must always hear the prayers of good people, and then answer right away. As if all our good deeds put God in OUR debt. I am doing my part, so you better do yours, God.

Often the testimonies we hear in church set up a false expectation.
I got right with God, and suddenly I got rich, and healthy, and my acne cleared up.
I gave money to the church and next thing you know, BOOM, God blessed me financially!
It just doesn’t work that way! The wicked not only get away with stuff, but the punishment they deserve falls on the good people!

This very notion strikes the professor, the questor, and so he turns his attention to it.

Look at Ecclesiastes chapter 8, verse 10, and let’s start there. Check out WHERE he goes next on his quest
for wisdom. His next stop on the quest?