How to Survive a Lion Attack

Jul 25, 2021    Dr. Tom Richter

All over hiking trails and national parks in the US Southwest you will see warning signs that say warning this is mountain lion country. If you see a mountain lion DO NOT RUN. STAND YOUR GROUND. BE ALERT! STAY IN GROUPS. BE WATCHFUL.

Why are these signs everywhere?

Because this may save your life!

As a pastor, a shepherd, I see exactly what Peter is doing here. I have seen the enemy devour families. devour marriages, devour churches, devour children who were on the good path. Devour men who started out so faithful. Devour joy, devour hope, and spit out the bones of addiction betrayal, hurt, anger loneliness fear depression and death.

So just like a sign about mountain lions, this too is a warning that might just save your physical life. – and what we are going to talk about today just might save your spiritual life.

SO I want to walk thru this text in the following way:

How to survive a lion attack.

What to do:

1. Before the attack.

2. During the attack.

3. After the attack.

Let's turn to 1 Peter 5:8