Pride and Anxiety

Jul 18, 2021    Dr. Tom Richter

I am not saying they are related. I am not NOT saying they are related. I will let you be the judge.
But EVERYONE seems to agree on these two things:

1. OUR CURENT CULUTRE we live in IS one of the most SELF-CENTERED cultural moments in all of history.
Our thoughts go on facebook, our videos go on youtube, and we use iTunes. on our iPhones and iPads. If you are like “Android for Jesus” you have missed my point. We struggle with PRIDE -so that is the first thing.

2. ANXIETY is at an all time high. Now, I am not saying these two things are directly related, I am not trying to prove causality; I am saying most folks agree on those two things. There is a lot of pride, and a lot of anxiety.
So it is astonishing to me that in 60 AD, Peter wrote to his flock and he put these two things together in chapter 5, and seems to be suggesting there is a link.

Let’s get to it. Turn with me to 1 Peter 5